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This charming college town with its picturesque Venetian port is full of flavors, aromas and distinct character. The ‘Old Town’ presents a colorful blend of architectural influences predominantly Venetian, and boasts a lively café culture. Visitors have a vast selection of accommodation from luxury hotels and resorts to camp grounds and youth hostels. As for your palate you will be delighted to savor scrumptious local delicacies and heavenly local wines and spirits. The modern town has developed amphitheatrically around the historical center spreading up ward and out ward like a fan.

There is a wealth of natural and historical sites to be explored in the surrounding areas and a diverse range of activities and excursions available. Enjoy an assortment of fresh local produce, sweets, cheeses, meats and seafood guaranteed to make your mouth water! Along the narrow alleyways you will discover tiny workshops that continue to ply traditional crafts such as cobblery, pottery, wood working and barrel making, chair lacing and embroidery and weaving.

Car rental is recommended for those who truly want to experience the plethora of terrain and wildlife to be found in the Rethymno region. The dramatic changes in the landscape and indescribable views will take your breath away. Only by car can you really experience the heartwarming hospitality of the tiny mountain villages – you haven’t lived until you have eaten home cooked slow-roasted mountain raised lamb from Crete (my apologies to any vegetarians, but it is simply divine!).

Whether you are a business or leisure traveler Rethymno will leave you with memories to cherish.